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Our Mission

To fight hunger and support American farmers

Our Story

Building on his family's history of feeding the masses, Matthew Keener developed an idea for a donation program that would take local dollars and turn them into free food while benefiting other local farmers in need. Nearly 200 years after his great-great-grandfather started a family farm, Keener Farm Charity was born.​

Keener Farm got its start in 1830 when family patriarch John Keener bought 160 acres of land in northwest Montgomery County, Ohio. For several generations, the family has worked hard growing grass-fed beef, chicken and pork to feed other families in the area. Keener Farm meats are widely known and can be asked for by name at several restaurants in the Miami Valley and beyond. 

It was only a matter of time until current owner Matthew Keener decided to expand the family business in a charitable way. Having learned about the food desert plaguing many in his own community, Matthew knew there was something he and his family could do. As Matthew says, "Those who have the ability to help have a responsibility to do so."

How it Works

It is important to re-evaluate your purchasing habits because it's easy to spend more than
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