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What is a food desert?

When Matthew Keener learned about the food desert in his area, he knew that there was a way for his family to help. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, $23.5 million people live in a food desert in the United States. What exactly is a food desert? What are its causes? How is Keener Farm Charity positively impacting Ohio food deserts?

A food desert is an area where there is significantly less access to nutritious, affordable food. Food desert areas often go hand in hand with poverty. Those living in food deserts struggle with having travel options to the closest supermarket, high grocery prices, low income, and unemployment. Living in a food desert results in poor nutrition, obesity, mental health issues, and other negative health benefits.

Keener Farm Charity is stepping in to provide grass-fed beef, chicken and pork to feed other families in the area. Matthew says that, “Those who have the ability to help have a responsibility to do so,”and we use this ideology to push through the barriers of hunger.

Other ways to positively impact food desert areas is to advocate for public transportation options, support other food charities and nonprofits, and advocate to build more supermarkets in low-income areas opposed to contributing to fast food clusters. It is our hope that one day all people will have fair and equal access to nutritious food.

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